Introduced the Board of Directors
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Directors of Singlee Software Group Ltd.
Executive Directors
Mr. Hung Yung Lai, the Chairman of our Group and the director of Strategic Development Committee. Mr. Hung, who graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, is also one of the founders of the Group. He is in possession of more than 20 years' experience in company management and strategy programming and over 10 years' successful experience in managing high-tech companies; hence he is familiar with China ' s business management and marketing planning. Mr. Hung is now in charge of the Group's macrostrategy and the enterprise's development .
Mr. Cui Jian, a Director and Vice Chairman of our Group. Mr. Cui is one of the founders of Hangzhou Singlee Software Co., Ltd. and has been working for our Group since its founding in 1993. Mr. Cui is responsible for the investment programming of the Group. Before joining the Group, he used to work for China Hangzhou Automatization Research Institute and Hangzhou Huayuan Computer Application Research Institute as director and president of their Developing Departments .
Mr. Xu Shuyi, a Director of our Group. Mr. Xu acquired professional accountant qualification in 1995 in China . He has over 24 years' experience in company financing and executive director in various industries like real estate developing, hotel industry and food-manufacturing industry. He is now taking charge of the Group's financial strategy and planning of our Group .
Independent Non-executive Directors & Auditing Committee
Mr. Pao PingWing, an independent non-executive director of the Group and Chairman of the Auditing Committee. Mr. Pao was named independent non-executive director of Oriental Press Group Ltd. in 1987 and was nominated Peace Gentleman in Hong Kong in the same year. Mr. Pao used to work for three public listed companies in Hong Kong as their independent non-executive director, which provides him with abundant experience in this field.
Mr. Tam, Kwok Hing, an independent non-executive director of the Group, is the fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (U.K.) and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He was the founding partner of Wongs & Tam, whih is a public accounting firm in Hong Kong . Now he is a consultant of the accounting firm .
Mr. Lo King Man, an independent non-executive director of the Group. Mr. Lo began his career in academic administration at the University of Hong Kong and became deputy director of the former Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1986. He was also appointed director of the Hong Kong Academy for performing arts in 1993. Mr. Lo is the Peace Gentleman in Hong Kong , and he has an extensive record of public service.He has also served on the governing or executive bodies of numerous educational and cultural organizations. He was appointed an independent non-executive director of Chow Sang Sang Holding Int'l Ltd. in September 1994. Mr. Lo is currently the Principal of Administration of the Canton International Summer Music Academy . He also serves as a consultant for Henderson Land on the West Kowloon Cultural District Development project .
Strategic Development Committee of Singlee Software (Group) Limited
Mr. Chang Loong Cheong, the Senior Consultant of the Group. Prior to joining the Group in April 2004, he was responsible for the sales and management and so on in certain listed companies. Regarding to the trading and business networks in the PRC, he has distinct and professional knowledge and experiences. After his joining, with respect of his experiences and strategies in the PRC, he has important contribution to the market development of the new products .
Tong Tsz Kwan, the Financial Controller and Secretary of the Group. He gets a master degree of Business Administration and Finance from University of Southern Queensland . He is a Certified Public Accountant in Hong Kong and the member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Before joining the Group in June 2007,he has accumulated over several years ' experience of accounting, auditing and financing. He is now responsible for accounting and company secretarial duties .
Mr. Xiong Ying, Vice General Manager of Singlee Technology Limited. He graduated from Paisley University in Glasgow and he majors in Economics. Later, he got his EMBA in Peking University . Before his participation into Singlee, he had ever worked in AIA(American International Assurance Co.Ltd), and Beijing Sanding Sport-Link Technology Ltd..The 8 years ' superviseory experience in the corporation makes him the expert in market planning and sales .
Mr.Ning Zhigang, Vice General Manager of Singlee Technology Limited. Mr Ning graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University . As a senior manager, he is studying for a doctor degree in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences now. Mr Ning has more than 10 years ' experience of senior enterprise operation and management and he has abundant practical experiences in product development, electronic payment, marketing and strategic cooperation. Mr.Ning ever obtained the patent of utility model of Non-contact cellphone POS, and he is outstanding in Technological .