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  Hung Yung Lai, resident of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRC, Male, 59 years old, Chairman of Singlee Software (Group) Ltd. and director of Strategic Development Committee. Violinist, professional investor, industrialist. He graduated as a bachelor from Shanghai Music College and became the member of China Musician Association. He graduated from Shanghai Music College and became a member of Chinese Musicians Association. Now, he is Vice-Chairman of Chinese Famous Musician Philharmonic Association of Hong Kong .

   Now, he is the board chairman of Hangzhou Singlee Software Co., Ltd.as well as Hangzhou Singlee Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Singlee Electronics Co., Ltd., Singlee Software (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., Hongkong Singlee Medicine I/E Co., Ltd.. Besides these, he is also the Chief director of Hong Kong Singlee International Trade Co., Ltd., director of Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Executive director of Dawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holding) Co., Ltd .